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71ft Admiral Class Narrow Boat Effingham

Effingham is an Admiral Class motor boat built in 1959 by Isaac Pimblotts of Northwich for British Waterways. She carried commercially until 1975 where she moved over to the maintenance fleet of British Waterways.

Between 2010 and 2016 she underwent a major restoration, including new bottoms and footings. She is a unique boat suitable for someone wanting a low maintenance vessel with plenty of history. 

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Engine: Lister HR2M

Last Docked: June 2018

BSC Expiry: 2020


Effingham in 1964 at the Anderton Boat Lift  


The back cabin of Effingham was fitted in 2016 by Steve Wright at P. J. Barber Boatbuilders Ltd. The engine room is accessible from the back cabin via a door with and without the cross bed down.


Heating: Epping stove purchased new in 2016

Insulation: The cabin is insulated in 4" Kingspan

Fire & Safety: 2 x fire extinguisers and a fire blanket are present in the back cabin

Bed: The traditional cross bed is 3' 3" wide

Electrics: 1 x 12v cigarette lighter socket, 2 x 5v USB sockets.

Lighting: 2 x LED 12v lights

Storage: All the usual fixtures and fittings of a back cabin with ample storage under the sidebed and cross bed

Decor: The cabin was grained by the owners in 2017, new curtains and 4" memory foam mattresses 



Engine: Air cooled Marine Lister HR2 installed by British Waterways in the mid 1970s. She has had a top end rebuild by Marine Engine Services in 2017

Gearbox: Blackstone Gearbox (3:1 reduction)

Propellor: 26" x 16"

Stern Gear: New prop shaft fabricated in 2016 with easy access to the stern gear from the back cabin floors

Electrics: 1 x 12v starter battery, 1 x 12v 110Ah domestic battery, new alternator fitted in 2016

Diesel Tanks: Approx 220 litres

Controls: Traditional speedwheel for throttle and push/pull road for gears

Ignition: Key Start with (optional) hand start


Effingham underwent major restoration work in 2010 by Langley Mill Boatyard with a new 10mm base plate and refooting.


Last Docked: Docked in summer 2018 and blacked in 2 pack epoxy on the sides and base plate

Survey: Hull survey from 2016

Boat Safety: Expires 2020

Paintwork: Painted in traditional British Waterways blue and yellow livery

Portholes: 2 back cabin, 4 engine room, 2 bullseyes

Headlight: 1 x headlight switched from the steering position

Bow Locker: Good storage under the front deck with easy access

Fenders: Stern fenders made in 2016 by Renaissance Canal Carrying (2 x tipcats, 1 x button)

Running Gear: Running planks and cross beams from 2016. Original style 'hooped' supports for sheeting the hold.

Bilge Pump: Automatic electric bilge pump in the hold 


Built for work in the North West, Effingham was considered to be modern, compared with other craft, having opening portholes, toilet and electric lighting throughout. The hold was covered in cloths laid over hoops and secure with chocks. The hull design is a hydroconic curved bluff bow.

This unique design allowed the vessel to carry a maximum load on a badly maintained canal. The idea was to create a bow wave which forced water past the craft therfore lifting the boat and assisting the prop. British Waterways operated the boats until leasing them to the Anderton Canal Carrying Co.

Originally she was powered by Parsons Merganser air cooled 2 cylinder diesel 20hp @ 1500 r.p.m. This was replaced in 1975 with a Lister HR2.

£45,000 ono