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SOLD! 45ft Tug Gloucester

Gloucester was built in 2008 by Abdela & Mitchell Ltd (a subsidiary of Simpsons Boats) for the current owner. Gloucester is a one off which will gather interest where ever she goes and is certainly an enthusiasts boat!

She was built from a precision kit designed by Nick Branson to RCD Category D specification with design inspiration from the 5 tugs built by Abdela & Mitchell of Brinscombe in the early 1900s such as Worcester which is now an exhibit at Ellesmere Port Boat Museum. 

The interior is still work in progress which allows the new owner to complete to their requirements.

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Gloucester is powered by a beautiful Kelvin K2. The engine was installed in Gloucester in 2014 replacing a previously installed Beta 50.

The Kelvin was originally used as an auxiliary compressor engine in a Scottish lighthouse, then spent many years in pieces before being restored by Al and Steve at RW Davis overseen by Phil Trotter in 2014.

She is now fitted with a thermostart which makes the starting procedure much simpler and reliable rather than petrol ignition. 24V alternator installed for charging.


The gearbox is a Borg Warner Velvet Drive offering 1:1 ratio. 

Diesel Tanks

The main diesel tank is fitted at the rear of the boat, and a header tank provide the gravity feed for the engine. Diesel is pumped from the main tank to header tank by traditional hand rotary pump.


The gear controls are a simple custom made morse style control.


Right at the bow of Gloucester, you can find 2 single beds with a central passageway. Access out to the front deck via doors and hatch.

A diesel Taylors heater is fitted to the cabin bulkhead providing comfortable heat to the bedroom.


The bathroom is part fitted, a good sized shower cubicle. A freestanding Thetford Cassette Toilet is provided, and also an unfitted fold-down stainless sink. 


The kitchen is currently just spray foamed and located in the rear of the cabin space. A diesel Taylors cooker is installed providing 2 hobs and oven.

A Taylors diesel heater is also supplied (unfitted) for installing in the kitchen space as a room heater and has a coil installed for providing hot water supply. 

A new calorifier with 1KW immersion is also provided but unfitted for completing the hot water installation.

Starter Batteries

Glocuester is fitted with 2 x 110Ah batteries to provide the 24V electrics for the engine starter motor. These are housed on the far side of the engine room.

Domestic Batteries

The domestic batteries are located under the back deck, and are made up of 4 x 113Ah batteries to provide the 24V domestic power supply.

Inverter/Charger Combi

Gloucester has a 24V - 2KW Victron MultiPlus Compact Inverter/Charger Combi situated under the back deck, with a remote control within the engine room. Shoreline plugin is located in the bottom corner of the back deck.

The outside of Gloucester will put a smile on anyone's face! Beautiful lines and a truly one-off. 

As described earlier she was built with inspiration from Worcester, which can be seen at the Ellesmere Port Boat Museum.  

A brief tour of the outside, starting at the bow:

  1. Short front deck with headlight fitted on the front bulkhead. Access into the bedroom via front doors and hatch.
  2. Collapsible mast with navigation lights
  3. Traditional collapsible funnel for the exhaust outlet
  4. Large steel dogbox over the engine room
  5. Large back welldeck with door and hatch access into the main cabin space
  6. Wheel steering and morse control
  7. Large back deck with access to stern gear and battery bay