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Bob Hegenbarth - Traditional Boat Painting

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Welcome to my new base at Northwich Paint Dock.

One bloke, one brush (well, more than one, but one at a time!)

What I offer:

  • Proven track record of painting boats to a high standard of finish
  • Full repaints – back to bare metal, the best way to do it (unless it is a wooden boat!)
  • Partial repaints and repairs
  • Traditional decoration – roses, castles, lettering, graining, scrolls etc.
  • Minor steelwork repairs or alterations, when the boat is being prepped for paint is the ideal
    time to add an extra fender eye or straighten that dent in a handrail
  • Friendly service, you are welcome to come to the paint dock for a chat. If you know what
    you want or need some help with ideas just get in touch to arrange a visit
    All work is undertaken by me, from removing the first fitting, to the last brushstroke on the lettering.
    No tricks, no shortcuts; the quality of the finished job is all down to methodical preparation, and the consistent, skillful application by hand of each coat of paint. Applying paint by hand ensures a high paint-build for a long-lasting finish.

    About me:

    It seems inevitable that my love for all things vintage, oily and engine-powered would lead me
    toward the canal, and into my specialism painting boats however, there have been other
    contributing factors along the way…
  • Spending time being trained by, and drinking a wide range of beverages with, the esteemed
    traditional painter Phil Speight has enriched and informed my technique enormously. Phil is
    a true master of the craft, and a much-valued friend
  • The industrial heritage of our working waterways has fascinated me for years. Establishing
    my business at Northwich with its rich boating history, is a fantastic opportunity for me to
    share my skills with the discerning boater
  • My background in heritage crafts (monumental masonry and metalwork conservation)
    which demanded expert and sensitive use of materials and processes on projects of
    historical significance e.g. SS Great Britain, Buckingham Palace, and Dover Castle to name
    but a few. New boat or old, it will be in safe hands.
  • Being a boater myself means I understand just how important it is to get the finish right,
    whether you are going for a traditional, or more modern look – the devil really is in the
    The traditional art of the waterways is an important, but often overlooked part of our industrial
    heritage and one which I am keen to help conserve. Being based at Hunt’s Island alongside the
    Northwich Drydock Co. means I am involved in the resurgence of a key part of the waterway’s
    heritage, the perfect setting for my skills.


Full repaints are priced per foot, please contact me for the current foot price.
This includes the removal and refitting of all windows and fixtures, windows and doors are masked to reduce dust in the boat before stripping the boat to bare steel. I then apply three coats of zinc primer, three coats of high build undercoat and three coats of coach enamel. Different colours, stress lines, bow flash and hatch decoration are included. I use Craftmaster products throughout and find them to provide excellent finish and durability.

Partial repaints, repairs, lettering or decoration please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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