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Hull Blacking Service

Hull Blacking Service

Here at the Northwich Drydock Company you are welcome to black your own vessels; however should you wish us to complete your hull blacking then please see the information below.

Due to the wide variety of vessels we can accommodate on the drydock, quotes for blackings are completed on a case by case basis, in order to provide you with the best possible prices.

We are happy to carry out as little or as much of the drydocking as you'd like.

Pressure Washing

For all serviced dockings we will pressure wash the hull sides and bottom of the boat using our high performance pressure washer in order to give a good clean finish for the application of paints.

Sides or Sides & Bottom?

We will provide you with a quote for blacking just the hull sides and another quote for the hull sides and bottom for you to compare prices. We are fortunate that our drydock offers excellent access under the bottom of the boat and we would highly recommend that the base plate is cleaned off and 2 coats of your chosen paint is applied for longevity.

Types of Paint

We are happy to apply paints provided by you, or use one of our known products.

  • Mid Range Bitumen
  • Premium Bitumen
  • 2 Pack Epoxy

If your budget allows we would highly recommend applying 2 Pack Epoxy which when fully cured is water impermeable and fully chemical resistant. This option will allow you to go longer periods between dockings.

Door to Door Service

Would you like the stress of the drydocking removed? We are happy to come and collect your boat, put it on drydock, pressure wash it off and complete the blacking in your choice of paints before delivering it back to your mooring. Get in touch to find out more.

Email us or fill in the Enquiry Form to receive a bespoke quote for the blacking of your vessel. We aim to respond to you within 48 hours.